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    Kloe Kane

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    Ciao, siamo quattro giocatori e un dungeon master e facciamo Fumble, il primo podcast italiano in cui si gioca di ruolo. Pathfinder, D&D o Dungeon World, non importa, l’importante è che ci siano dadi da tirare, cattivi da sconfiggere e tesori da lootare.

    Siamo candidati come miglior programma radio ai Macchianera Italian Awards, unici nerd tra podcast serissimi. E per vincere ci serve una mano (o zampa, a seconda della razza).

    Volete aiutarci? Andate qui http://goo.gl/9O0spn e votateci (categoria 22, spunta su Fumble, bisogna votare almeno 10 categorie perché il voto sia valido). Se vinciamo, Cthulhu schiaccerà RITARDA sulla sveglia e il meritò sarà tutto vostro. Grazie, grazie, grazie


    Hello, we are four players and a dungeon master and we have this show called Fumble, the first role-playing Italian podcast. Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons or Dungeon World… doesn’t matter, the important thing is that there are some dice to roll, some villains to defeat and treasures to loot. 

    We’ve been nominated for Best Radio Show at the Macchianera Italian Awards, the only nerd podcast among very serious ones. And to win we need a hand (or paw, depending on your race and class).

    Want to help? Go here and vote for us http://goo.gl/9O0spn (category 22, check Fumble, you must vote at least 10 categories for the vote to be valid). If we win, Cthulhu will SNOOZE its alarm for a couple more eons. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    If you love role playing, even if you don’t speak italian, please help us spread the love for these wonderful games.


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    wooooooo lesbians!

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    I would do that all day long !!!

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    All we could say the whole time we scrolled through this jewel was…..damn, damn, DAMN! Looks like fun! Any volunteers??

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